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Buy Stunning Women’s Handbags Online in Singapore

Bags have always served as the greatest fashion accessory known to women. Bezooe’s range of women’s handbags ensures that every eventuality is covered to bring you only the finest selection of quality and in trend carriers. Add a punch to your overall look by complimenting it with the perfect bag that brings out the sophistication and style in you. Up the fashion ante and keep with Bezooe’s collection of women’s handbags that serves your storage and fashion needs!

4 bag styles every woman should have

Different occasions require different looks and a bag to match. Here are four styles which every woman should have in her accessory arsenal.

Tote: your classic hold all everyday bag, this is perfect for day to day wear when you need to carry all of your gadgets, keys, lunch, snacks, makeup and books around with you. Neutral or monochromatic colours are ideal for a tote as they can be seamlessly integrated into every outfit.

Clutch: this is the essential evening bag for nights when you only need some cash, a credit card and a phone. The clutch is where you can go wild in terms of colour and embellishment and there are plenty of bold pieces out there to make your next party outfit shine.

Weekender: as the name suggests, this is for carrying on short trips or for times when you need to carry a change of clothes (like for the gym) there are a versatile range of weekender styles out there, just be sure to select one with lots of space and not too many pockets so that you can pack all of your gorgeous Bezooe looks.

Shoulder bag: somewhere between a tote and a clutch, this style is perfect for when you want something elegant yet capable of carrying all of your essentials. Browse our fantastic range now and allow our low prices and fashionable pieces to dazzle you. We offer free delivery in Singapore for all of our online range.